SA200 Redface Welder Project (SOLD)


I picked this up 16 May 2011. I've been working with it and it seems to be a good one.

It's for sale for $1350. This price includes the trailer. I won't separate the trailer from the welder. I don't need the trailer. Its taking up room in my shop so its going with the welder. Its located in San Antonio Texas

Update 31 May 2011

The magneto was 180 degrees out of time. Not only that, the spark plug wires were inserted counter-clockwise instead of clockwise. It ran but ran crappy. I got the timing right and the wires in the correct sequence. It runs great now.

Still got a little smoke from the front 2 cylinders but that might clear up in time. I hope so. I'm hoping that the rings are sticking a little bit. I'm almost certain this is the case. The engine sat for a while and wasn't run. The last two cylinders have great compression and are not fouling the spark plugs. I can't imagine that the engine wore only two cylinders and the other 2 remained in good shape. I would think they would all be equally bad. I'm going to keep running it and see if it works itself out.

Update 19 May 2011

I changed the exciter coils and she welds like a new one. I tried all the ranges from Min to Max and they all worked as expected.

Everything else about the machine is solid so far. The auto idle works, the 110V receptacle works, no leaks in the radiator or water pump. Fan belt is tight, the alternator seems to be charging. The oil pressure seems a little low but maybe an oil and filter change will fix that. There is also a little blue smoke. I'm waiting to see if that is going to work itself out. Its been sitting a while and I'm thinking maybe the rings might be stuck in the pistons lands. It seems to have diminished some already.


Next on the list is an oil change and a compression check.


These engines are bulletproof. Not much goes wrong with them. Same thing with the generator. not much goes wrong and when it does its pretty simple to fix.