This website is dedicated to the Lincoln SA200.

The intention of this site is to share information, pictures, and resources in our pursuit of owning an SA200 welder. This website cost me about $100 a year to maintain. Donations are appreciated to keep the site up and running.


Free classified ads for used SA200 parts. Find machines, engine parts, sheetmetal, electrical parts and other stuff. Just started this site so it still has to grow some. 

Submit an ad for parts you want. Submit an ad for parts you want to sell.

I have an initiative to animate the SA200 components so everyone can have a better understanding of these machines. See the link below for the first animation.

Animations of the components of the SA200 welder

Machines for sale can be found at 



Sheetmetal for the SA200

J.B is going to be offering sheetmetal for the SA200. Hoods, Exciter Covers, Doors, and other sheetmetal parts. So far these are the only parts we are going to be offering on J.B. is a good guy that does quality work. We look forward to offering you parts.

Got 2 gas tanks almost ready for you to see.

These are going to be offered for sale soon. They are made to order.


Magneto Repair

Glen S. has been in the repair business for many, many years and is the subject matter expert when it comes to engines, magnetos, distributors,and other parts for the SA200. Glen is offering parts and good advice.

Mag Electro Glen Schueler 300 FM 2013 Friona, TX 79035

806-295-3682 or cell 806-240-1420


 Repair and Refurbishing

Chris G from Burleson Texas will take your SA200 and repair / refurbish it for you. He is a straight up guy who shares his past projects with our SA200 group on facebook.


Chris Gauntt (817) 675-3195 Email Chris for information about refurbish or repair

Burleson TX




Exciter and Armatures for SA200

These folks can rewind your exciter and main armature for less than you are going to find anywhere. Exciter rewind was $265. You are not going to find one for that price anywhere else.


Link to Website

John Buchanan
Eurton Electric Co., Inc.
9920 Painter Ave
Whittier  CA  90605

800-423-4789 (main)
562-946-0014 (fax)




Former and current projects

Current Projects

Hobart G600

Since 2007

1968 Redface SA200

Started April 1st

1981 Blackface SA200

Started April 1st

Tig Welder

Past Projects


Redface Project

16 May 2011

Started April 2011

Hobart GF-250

Someone else has this project


No Weld Output



I bought this welder in Dallas and repaired it. I sold it to a young man in Waco that had intentions of working as a welder. If that young man wants to sell it back to me I'll buy it. 


Past Project. SA200 Redface 16 May 2011

I bought a Lincoln SA200 redface that came with a trailer. I don't know the year yet. Its complete and the motor is not locked up. Its only been sitting for a few years. The owner said that it had 110 volts at the plug and would run a grinder but wouldn't weld. Sounds like shunt coils. Major project but I'm up for it. I'll take it on because I can just hear the continental engine rev up as I lay down a smooth bead. I'll post pictures when I get it to the shop.

So now the shop has a G600, GF250 and will have this SA200. There is also a Telwin Mig welder, and an Idealarc 180. Guess I'll be busy for a while.

Past Project Hobart GF-250. Traded this machine for a Bobcat 722 Skidsteer

Well I had a hankering to do another engine driven welder so I picked up a Hobart GF-250. It has a 6 Cylinder ford that turns the generator around. It runs great but there is work to do. I have to get the automatic idle to work and get it welding.


SA200 (Number 4) Sold

I bought this on 17 August 2010. This purchase was unusual for me. I usually have to drive hundreds of miles and pay a lot of money for these project welders. This welder was about an hour from my house and considerably less than I usually pay. The purchase was flawless. The owner already had the welder hanging up and ready to drop on my trailer. We strapped it down and we were headed back home in less than 30 minutes. There was a short adventure on a 4 wheeler to find the exciter cover but after that we were off and headed home.

I must say this is looks like the most challenging project welder I have owned to date. Its newer than most I have had but its condition is worse than any I have owned. Fortunately nearly everything is there. It is missing a carb but I have one. The alternator case is broken but I might be able to work with that. The engine is stuck at one point but rotates about 3/4 of a full revolution so that is a good sign. Its either a rusted cylinder or a stuck valve. I'm betting stuck valve. Either one I can deal with. These engines are bullet proof and so are the generators. They can sit for many years and then fire right up and weld.

I will document the rebuild/restore process here

A former short hood I owned

This is what I thought was a 1958 Shorthood. I couldn't find a tag and went with what the previous owner told me. I ended up selling it to a couple of real nice guys who were going to take care of it and get some good use out of it. I'm glad it went to a good home.



Here is another welder that I bought from someone in Dallas. It had been sitting in a field for 4 years. I cleaned out the fuel sediment bowl, put in fresh gas and it fired right up. I didn't even have to mess with the magneto or spark plugs. It welded right away too! I sold this one to a guy that drove to Killeen from Texarkana to pick it up. I should have kept it.

Hobart G600 Restore Page

This beast has been a money pit. I bought it at a scrap yard. There is a good reason it was in the scrap yard. I bought it with the intention of fixing it up. That was years ago. It's still in about the same condition.

This welder is powered by a 1967 Chrysler LH 318 V8. I've never seen one before and the cool factor is what motivates me to keep it. I know its not a Lincoln welder and certainly not an SA200 but it is a welder I own so I put a link to it here.

I can never sell it because I am too far in the hole. I will certainly lose money on it when I finally part with it. Its not economical to run as a V8 either. Its going to be a show piece. Kind of like the old fire trucks that are restored and brought out for parades. This will be towed out with its chrome air cleaner and valve covers. It getting a fresh coat of paint and everything fixed. Yes I am throwing away money. Thank God I'm blessed with a good job and have money to spend on my hobbies.



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